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Pollo Limone

Chicken breast sautéed in lemon and white wine sauce with red roasted peppers and capers.

$ 15.95

Pollo A La Gordon

Chicken breast sautéed in white wine and sage sauce topped with prosciutto, fontina cheese and fresh tomatoes, served with cheese ravioli.

$ 18.95

Pollo Marsala

Chicken breast with mushrooms in marsala wine sauce, served with roasted potatoes.

$ 15.95

Pollo Marinato All Griglia

Grilled chicken breast marinated in special blend of herbs and spices, served with roasted potatoes.

$ 17.95

Pollo Alla Vodka

Chicken breast sautéed in vodka with light cream and touch of tomato sauce, served with cheese ravioli.

$ 17.95

Pollo Cardinale

Chicken breast sautéed with artichokes and mushrooms in white wine sauce.

$ 16.95

Pollo Vesuvio

Half chicken roasted with garlic, fresh rosemary and potatoes.

$ 14.95

Pollo Pesto

Sautéed boneless chicken with fresh basil, roasted peanuts, garlic and olive oil and a dash of cream served with cheese ravioli.

$ 17.95

Pollo Sparragus

Boneless chicken with asparagus and roasted peppers in brandy and lemon sauce.

$ 17.95