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Piccolo Mondo Restaurant and Pan y Vino Catering.

Proudly serving the University of Chicago and Hyde Park Community since 1985.

Catering Menu

Half Trays serves 10 people

Full Trays serves 20 people


Spinach or Chicken Empanadas - Half Tray $32/ Full Tray $64

Bruschetta - Half Tray $24/Full Tray $48

Toasted Italian bread with garlic, tomato, olive oil, fresh basil and parmigiano.

Grilled Vegetables - Half Tray $45/ Full Tray $90

Assorted olive oil aged balsamic


Mista - Half Tray $35/ Full Tray $70

Mix greens in vinaigrette dressing with tomato, onions, walnuts and raising

Piccolo Mondo - Half Tray $50/Full Tray $100

Tomatoes, red onions, artichokes, hearts of palm, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms with mix greens in vinaigrette apple dressing

Insalata di Petti di Pollo - Half Tray $72/ Full Tray $144

Grilled chicken breast over mixed greens with walnuts, tomatoes, onions and raisins in a balsamic gorgonzola vinaigrette dressing


Agnolotti di Portobello - Half Tray $60/ Full Tray $120

Portobello stuffed agnolotti, sun-dried tomato, spinach bechamel infusion

Spinach Ravioli e Tartufo - Half Tray $60/ Full Tray $120

Spinach and ricotta ravioli with fresh pomodoro topped with burrata truffle mozzarella

Gnocchi Sorrentino – Half Tray $60/ Full Tray $120

Potato dumpling with pomodoro, parmigiano, fresh basil, romano and melted mozzarella cheese

Fusilli Piccolo Mondo – Half Tray $65/ Full Tray $130

Corkscrew pasta with chunks of chicken breast and pancetta in our special sauce

Farmer Rigatoni – Half Tray $65/ Full Tray $130

Eggplant, mushrooms, onions, carrots, zucchini, peas, capers in basil and cherry tomato sauce

Spaghetti or Penne Meatballs – Half Tray $65/ Full Tray $130

Meat sauce and jumbo meatballs

Penne al Porto – Half Tray $65/ Full Tray $130

Short pasta with chunks of chicken, mushrooms, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes in port wine

cream infusion


Pollo – Chicken

Marinato Griglia – Half Tray $78/ Full Tray $156

Grilled, marinated in special blend of herbs, spices balsamic reduction served with fresh spinach

Limone – Half Tray $78/ Full Tray $156

Chicken breast sauteed in lemon and white wine sauce with red roasted peppers and capers served with roasted potatoes

Marsala – Half Tray $80/ Full Tray $160

Sauteed with mushrooms in marsala reduction served with roasted potatoes

Vesuvio – Half Tray $78/ Full Tray $156

Chicken breast, roasted with garlic, fresh rosemary and Vesuvio potatoes

Pesto – Half Tray $80/ Full Tray $160

Sauteed breast with basil, garlic, olive oil pesto cream sauce with spinach ravioli

Aparragus – Half Tray $80/Full Tray $160

Baked with asparagus and roasted peppers in brandy lemon sauce


Assorted Seasonal Fresh Fruit – Half Tray $40/ Full Tray $80

Tirami Su – Half Tray $55/ Full Tray $110

Assorted Bakery Cookies per Dozen $18


Coke-Diet Coke-Sprite-Water $2 per unit

Pellegrino Aranciata – Limonata $3 per unit

Wine - Beer - Cocktails

Full Service Liquor License Off Premises at the City of Chicago

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Serving Spoons and Utensils $1.50 per set

China - Linen - Glassware Rentals

Ask for details

All orders come with bread rolls and butter

Delivery Available

*All prices are subject to change without notice.